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$C12 is a faith-based currency to fortify, unite, and expand the global church.

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  • Use cases: Signet, GridIron, API a plug-in, HolARgram, Tithing, Partnerships with dApps, NFT Staking plug-in, and more.
  • Kingdom Funding.
  • Staking coming soon.
  • Building an Ecosystem for the Christian economy.
C12 Cryptocurrency | Carbon12
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About Carbon12

Carbon12 is committed to building the Kingdom of Jesus by uniting 2.3 billion Christians under a currency that functions independent of the traditional financial system. In a parallel economy dedicated to sharing the Gospel and bringing people to Jesus, Carbon12 aims to revitalize the impact of Christians on culture through the power of technology.

Forum12, a group of faith-based futurists has partnered with Gravity Jack, Inc. to announce the development of Carbon12, a cryptocurrency token built by Christians, for Christians. Carbon12 aims to establish a parallel economy of believers that functions independently of the traditional financial system by creating an ecosystem that circulates capital among an international faith community.

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Meet The Founders

Jennifer Richey | Carbon12

Jennifer Richey

Brandon Millsap | Carbon12

Brandon Millsap

Carrie Millsap | Carbon12

Carrie Millsap

Luke Richey | Carbon12

Luke Richey

The founders of Carbon12 come from strong backgrounds in the tech, financial, and business ownership space with a combined 60+ years of experiencing starting and scaling successful businesses. The founders are developing three primary initial use cases for Carbon12 — HolARgramGridIron, and a shopping cart API. You can learn more below.


Benefits of $C12

Purchase $C12

You can register as a $C12 holder after your purchase some Carbon12 tokens using your crypto wallet or purchase using your credit or debit card. Be an important part of the Christian crypto project in Web3.

Hold $C12 Tokens

$C12 tokens will be a desired asset over time, and will serve as an opportunity to engage in commerce in the Christian parallel economy without disruption from governments or big tech companies.

Stake $C12 Tokens

The $C12 staking protocol will be coming soon, but you will be able to stake your $C12 tokens to be locked up to help support the Carbon12 token pool. In exchange for locking up your $C12 tokens you will be rewarded a staking incentive of 7-25% APY depending on the locked time period.

$C12 Token Economy

As a holder of $C12 tokens, you’ll be able to engage with the businesses, organizations, and churches using $C12 tokens in their stores, donation portals, and more. Your money goes further to impact the Kingdom using $C12 as the medium of exchange.

$C12 Token Details


  • 777 Million tokens were minted on July 14, 2022.
  • 155,400,000 million $C12 will be sold through private and public sales.
  • 271,950,000 million $C12 are for staking rewards distributed over the following decades.
  • There are various vesting periods from one year to 5 years for the token allocations.

Token Allocation

C12 Allocation | Carbon12

$C12 Whitepaper

C12 Whitepaper

Read our whitepaper to learn more about the project’s vision, economic metrics, and token utility. If at any point, you have additional questions about the Carbon12 whitepaper, please don’t hesitate to reach out to [email protected] and a representative will be in touch as soon as possible.
Read the paper

Purchase $C12 at a major discount

Carbon12 is currently in its pre-sale round.

Participants in this round will receive a 20% discount on the token ($0.0355 per token).

These tokens will be on a one-year vesting schedule with a 25% linearly unlock schedule with the first distribution at the public launch on 12.7.22 (opening trading price $.0444).

Get your $C12 tokens at a discount while you still can!

$C12 Use-cases & Projects


User Owns Their Data: HolARgram features an NFT content curation system that allows creators to mint posts as NFTs, that users can “like” using Carbon12. Where Faith Meets Future. Combining Life-changing Testimony With Groundbreaking Technology.


Gridiron Uninterruptible Transmission: GridIron creates a network of users that exists independently of the internet, meaning that users can transact in Carbon12 and transmit data with or without internet connectivity.

Shopping Cart API

The shopping cart API will follow shortly after, allowing users to purchase goods and services from Christian ecommerce sites as easily as they make purchases with Paypal or credit cards.


Signet acts as a wallet that stores tokens and user data, with a Single-Sign-On interface. Signet stores encrypted data securely and immutably on Arweave, while ensuring that data is still readily accessible to its owner (and only its owner).