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Forum12, a group of faith-based futurists has partnered with Gravity Jack, Inc. to announce the development of Carbon12, a cryptocurrency token built by Christians, for Christians. Carbon12 aims to establish a parallel economy of believers that functions independently of the traditional financial system by creating an ecosystem that circulates capital among an international faith commun

Intro To Carbon12

Carbon12 is committed to building the Kingdom of Jesus by uniting 2.3 billion Christians under a currency that functions independent of the traditional financial system. In a parallel economy dedicated to sharing the Gospel and bringing people to Jesus, Carbon 12 aims to revitalize the impact of Christians on culture through the power of technology.


User Owns Their Data: HolARgram features an NFT content curation system that allows creators to mint posts as NFTs, that users can “like” using Carbon12. Where Faith Meets Future. Combining Life-changing Testimony With Groundbreaking Technology.


Gridiron Uninterruptible Transmission: GridIron creates a network of users that exists independently of the internet, meaning that users can transact in Carbon12 and transmit data with or without internet connectivity.

Shopping Cart API

The shopping cart API will follow shortly after, allowing users to purchase goods and services from Christian ecommerce sites as easily as they make purchases with Paypal or credit cards.