Carbon12 Article Creation Bounty

Bounty Summary

Hunters are rewarded C12 tokens for writing original, non-plagiarized articles about Carbon12. Hunters may use information from the hosts website or whitepaper for example, but may NOT copy/paste info. Read the rules, there is other information that must be included.

How To Enter

Submit a link to your posted article.

Article Instructions

Create an original and unique article about Carbon12, Holargram, or Gridiron. Articles that are more than just a general overview are judged more favorably. Don’t forget to share to social media, we look at a mix between the quality of article and the engagement it received!


  • Must include Bounty0x username somewhere in the article page
  • Minimum Words Required: 500
  • Languages Accepted: English
  • Publications Accepted: Medium, Steemit, Publish0x, Golos, LinkedIn, Babylon B, Christian Post, Christian Daily, “Top Christian Forums”
  • Extraordinary minimum words 750+ and must include 3+ images
  • To be ‘medium’ or above must have at least one image
  • Must include link to Host website and/or whitepaper in article
  • Must include note at the bottom of article saying that it is “A sponsored article written for a bounty reward.”

Excluded Countries

United States of America


Seriously impressive

Great quality article

Average quality article

Submissions may not promote the host or it’s token as an investment. Any submissions which do are in violation of our terms of service and will be rejected.