Carbon12 Telegram Active Participation Bounty

Bounty Summary

In this Carbon12 Telegram Active Participation Bounty, hunters are rewarded C12 tokens for actively contributing to Carbon12 Telegram group.


Meaningful Conversation

Participate in a meaningful conversation about Carbons12 with other members, or an admin. You may not copy others and you may not just ask questions easily available to see on Carbons12 website. Discussion of token economics, road map specifics, investor relations, how Carbon12 products are revolutionary, etc are ok topics.

Meaningful conversations  are a minimum of 4 responses for each person and is a conversation, not a Q/A.

  • Each meaningful conversation = 226 C12 tokens (max 678 C12 @ 3 submissions)


  • May not copy others conversations.
  • May not ask obvious questions easily found.
  • Just a question does not count tor “meaningful conversation”
  • Meaningful conversations are a minimum of 4 responses for each person, think of it as a short active discussion.
  • Take screenshots of your meaningful conversations
  • 1 submission = 1 meaningful conversation

Submission Instructions

Submit your screenshots within a Google Doc, make sure it is viewable to everyone.

Excluded Countries

United States of America

Submissions may not promote the host or it’s token as an investment. Any submissions which do are in violation of our terms of service and will be rejected.