Carbon12 The New Reserve Currency for Christians

Forum12, a group of faith-based futurists has partnered with Gravity Jack, Inc. to announce the development of Carbon12, a cryptocurrency token built by Christians, for Christians. Carbon12 aims to establish a parallel economy of believers that functions independently of the traditional financial system by creating an ecosystem that circulates capital among an international faith community.

The Carbon12 team is dedicated to helping believers and churches transition from TradFi to Defi, and is hard at work developing multiple use cases that will facilitate migration to on-chain practices:

  • HolARgram – a faith-centric, blockchain-based social media platform that features a 3D AR recording mechanism and utilizes Carbon12 for an innovative NFT content curation mechanism.
  • GridIron – a peer-to-peer compute resource sharing network that allows users to buy and sell dormant CPUs from one another using Carbon12.
  • Shopping Cart API – a plug-in for Christian e-commerce sites to incorporate Carbon12 as a payment method at checkout, so believers can make purchases with $C12 as easily as they pay with credit/debit cards or Paypal.

The founders of Carbon12 are not intimidated by the recent crypto and stock bear market and remain faithful to the project’s future as the “new reserve currency for Christians, that will protect, unite, and expand the worldwide Church in the coming years.” The Forum12 team has a strong position on the importance of the launch of Carbon12.

“With the emergence of the metaverse, there is no better time than now for Christians to continue their well-documented contributions to science and technology. And with 2.3 billion Christians worldwide, the release of Carbon12 and HolARgram provide the perfect onramp for all believers to participate in an ecosystem without the influence of banks and big tech firms.”

The token is set to launch on crypto exchanges in December of 2022, but for those interested in getting involved, the project has allocated 675,000 tokens to bounties and airdrops happening NOW! View the Carbon12 bounties for the opportunity to earn Carbon12 before launch! Or get ready for their pre-sale, starting on September 7th. Participants in the pre-sale will receive an exclusive 20% discount on all $C12 tokens.

Learn more about how to get started with Carbon12. To be alerted of special offers, events, and more about the Carbon12 timeline, register for the Carbon12 newsletter. You may also join the Carbon12 discord group.

About Forum12
Forum12 is an anonymous apostolic mission that utilizes advancements in technology to expand the reach of the Gospel to all nations and peoples while positioning the Church on the forefront of innovation. 

About Carbon12
Carbon12 is an innovative and decentralized platform that allows the global faith-based community to utilize blockchain technology in new ways. Carbon12 is a cryptocurrency token designed for Christians to transact with one another, tithe to their churches, and build the Kingdom of God. Operating in a native currency will unite the worldwide Church like never before, as we circulate Christian funds in an economy that operates independently of the traditional financial system.

For more information about Carbon12 and potential partnership opportunities, or if you would like to interview with the team at Carbon12, please email at [email protected]