Carbon12 Timeline

The Road To Launch

C12 Roadmap | Carbon12

The timeline for Carbon12 is based largely on HolARgram’s development and the funding required to achieve an MVP for the platform. Our team is dedicated to launching the MVP and the Carbon12 token in tandem so that $C12 will have an immediate use case within the HolARgram ecosystem. Private sale and pre-sale revenue are dedicated entirely to coding HolARgram and developing the 3D augmented reality personal recording mechanism.

The Carbon12 private sale began in April of 2022 and lasted through July of 2022 — we are currently in our pre-sale round until launch in December 2022.

HolARgram will act as an onramp for believers and churches into the world of cryptocurrency through an innovative content curation mechanism that allows users to “like” content with Carbon12. HolARgram will initially act as a wallet for Carbon12, allowing users to transact in Carbon12 in an environment that feels familiar and comfortable.

Once Carbon12 has developed a significant user base on HolARgram, we will pursue a listing on public exchanges and begin the development of other use cases.

As users begin consistently transacting on HolARgram, Carbon12 will use funds from the treasury and Kingdom fund to develop an API that will allow eCommerce sites to utilize Carbon12 as a payment method. The HolARgram wallet will serve as the initial account that buyers use to make purchases, and sellers use to store revenue.

We will begin developing GridIron in 2023 after Carbon12 and HolARgram have gained traction in the global faith-based community. This use case is the most significant financial and architectural lift. HolARgram will act as the first GridIron 1.0 client in late 2023 or early 2024. We plan to pursue 3rd party partnerships for GridIron in 2024 as we develop GridIron 2.0 using funding from transactions in GridIron 1.0.

Carbon12’s mission to place the Church on the cutting edge requires that we remain dedicated to developing the most innovative technology on the market while maintaining a convenient and understandable experience for the user. No one ever said breaking new ground was easy — but we prioritize excellence and are willing to take the time necessary to build a future for believers in Web3.