Carbon12 Token Genesis Fund

$C12 Genesis Fund is a gateway for funding Kingdom projects.

Carbon12’s mission is to establish a parallel economy of believers that funnels new funding and disciples into the Kingdom of God. We believe that God is speaking to His Church and calling us to a new level of unity, and we want to partner with Him by establishing a space that cultivates the creativity and gifting of the global body of Christ. Our goal is to support Spirit-led developers and entrepreneurs as they pursue Kingdom building initiatives within Web3 and technology.

We are dedicated to bringing the entire Body of Christ together and harnessing the collective force of the global Church, and encourage any faith-based Web3 project to apply to our grant program.

We have allocated five percent of Carbon12 tokens to our grant program to fund Kingdom-building Web3 projects! Applications are open today and recipients will be selected on a rolling basis as long as allocated funds remain.

Eligibility and Preferences

The Application Process