Carbon12 Twitter Bounty

Bounty Summary

In the Carbon12 Twitter Bounty, hunters are rewarded C12 tokens for following Carbon12 Twitter account and submitting quoted re-tweets of Carbon12 Tweets. Quoted retweets must include a 8+ word original comment and include the below hashtags.


Follow Carbon12 Twitter account then quoted retweet one of their most recent tweets and ‘like’ it. You must include an 8+ word comments + tags:
#Kingdomfirst #C12 #Paralleleconomy

  • Reward = 84 C12 per quoted re-tweet (840 C12 max @ 10 retweets)


  • Must Follow Carbon12 Twitter account
  • May only retweet once in a 24 hour period. Doing 2+ in a day will disqualify all.
  • All retweets must be quoted retweets with a 8+ word comment.
  • Must like the original tweet.
  • Must include tags #Kingdomfirst #C12 #Paralleleconomy
  • Must have 500+ followers
  • Twitter Audit score of 20% or higher fake followers disqualifies. 

Submission Instructions

  • Submit a link to your quoted re-tweet AND
  • in comments of submission enter your Twitter handle

Excluded Countries

United States of America

Submissions may not promote the host or it’s token as an investment. Any submissions which do are in violation of our terms of service and will be rejected.