Crypto for Christians

Live Interview with:

Abigail Richey: is the Project Manager and technical writer for Forum12.

Luke Richey: is co-founder and Chief Visionary Officer at Gravity Jack, the United States oldest augmented reality company.

New Creation Daily Scriptures : You Didn’t Choose Me, I Chose You. – JOHN 15:15-18

About Carbon12
Carbon12 is an innovative and decentralized platform that allows the global faith-based community to utilize blockchain technology in new ways. Carbon12 is a cryptocurrency token designed for Christians to transact with one another, tithe to their churches, and build the Kingdom of God. Operating in a native currency will unite the worldwide Church like never before, as we circulate Christian funds in an economy that operates independently of the traditional financial system.

For more information about Carbon12 and potential partnership opportunities, or if you would like to interview with the team at Carbon12, please email at [email protected]