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Carbon12 is a faith-based cryptocurrency & ecosystem to fortify, unite, and expand the impact of Christian businesses and organizations around the world.

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Our mission is to provide the tools, resources, and network for Kingdom businesses and organizations using blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies to further the Gospel.

In our Getting Started guide you’ll find helpful information you need to get started using $C12 crypto tokens, and more about our other projects, how to get plugged into the exciting things happening, and what makes us different from other projects.

Before we get into some of our projects and more detailed information, it will be helpful to understand more about blockchain technologies like cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and more.

Let’s start with the basics!

The Basics

What is a cryptocurrency?
A cryptocurrency is a digital currency where transactions are verified and a record is maintained by a decentralized system, a blockchain, using cryptography rather than a centralized authority. The first cryptocurrency was Bitcoin created by Satoshi Nakamoto. Decentralized cryptocurrencies provide a way for wealth to be transacted without restriction and confiscation.

What is a blockchain?

A blockchain is a digitally distributed, decentralized, public ledger existing on a network. Every transaction for any cryptocurrency or NFT asset is recorded on the blockchain. It’s totally public information that anyone can look at to view which wallets have engaged in specific transactions. No public information like names or your identity is displayed, just wallet addresses. The blockchain is powered by computers, many “nodes”, that are linked in a peer-to-peer network all around the world helping to run the algorithms powering the blockchain. For example, $C12 token is on the Avalanche blockchain.

What are NFTs?
A cryptocurrency token like Bitcoin, or even $C12 token, is what is known as a fungible token. An NFT is a non-fungible token, meaning a unique asset that has a verifiable owner which cannot be replicated or reproduced. Another way to describe it is that NFTs are cryptographic assets on a blockchain with unique identification codes and metadata that distinguish them from each other. They can be anything digital (such as drawings, music, videos, or any other form of content or asset). Eventually many title transfers, government information, medical data, and more will most likely be stored and transferred as NFTs.

Is Blockchain & cryptocurrencies safe?

The blockchain technology backing cryptocurrencies is very secure, thanks to the decentralized nature of distributed ledger technology and the encryption process every transaction undergoes. Blockchain takes the power away from centralized entities and gives it back to you as the true owner, and it’s all recorded and accessible on the public ledger. From an investment perspective, cryptocurrencies are risky, just like any traditional investment vehicle, but the underlying technology is very safe and secure. Understanding the overall cryptocurrency tokenomics, the mission, vision, and values of the project, and future utilities and adoption are all indicators of a crypto currency’s likelihood of increasing in value.

What is $C12 token?

Carbon12 Token, $C12, is a cryptocurrency created on the Avalanche blockchain to facilitate asset ownership, serve as a long-term investment, serve as dividend rewards through staking (locking up $C12 tokens over time to receive rewards), used to facilitate commerce transactions (purchasing online, merchandise, service transactions, etc.), and serve as a tool for tithing and donations outside of centralized bank powers. Anything where a transaction occurs could be a situation where the $C12 token could be used instead of paying bank or credit card fees. You can learn more about the Tokenomics in our white paper.

What makes the $C12 token so special?

The $C12 token is minted on the Avalanche Blockchain, one of the most stable, secure, and reputable blockchains to exist. The token is created by Christians and for Christians to use to further the Gospel and engage in commerce with other Christians.

The $C12 token will be used as a long-term investment, can be used to achieve 7%-20% APY for staking rewards, and be used to buy, sell, or donate, but it will also be used for other utilities in social networks, in other communities, and much more. The goal is to use $C12, and other cryptocurrencies, as a tool to ultimately fortify, unite, and expand Christian projects around the world!

Carbon12 provides the solutions that prevent censorship/deplatforming, enable ways to promote Christian commerce in economies without disruption, promote greater collaboration, and develop tech tools building up and empowering people rather than manipulating and controlling them.

Carbon12 is not only building the $C12 token, but also:

  • Creating a Christian social network called Holargram using revolutionary AR/VR tech
  • Creating a decentralized hosting and compute resource provider (like AWS) that is not controlled by a big tech company
  • Creating a federated login tool like “Login with Google” that will allow Christian communities to be able to better serve users and to share data for different projects
What is Web3?

To understand Web3, we need to define what Web1 and Web2 were in the past.

Web1 is known as the read-only internet. It made information available to the masses in a static format. However, a big problem was that only tech companies and tech experts could understand how to publish on the web since it required a lot of deep knowledge of code and technical skills.

Web 2 is known as the read-write web. This is the stage of the Internet when it became interactive paving the way for social networks and other larger community oriented platforms to flourish. However, this led to disturbing centralization and selling user data and content to large centralized entities and corporations.

Web 3 is “decentralized” where no organization controls your data. Web3 is permissionless meaning anyone who is on the network has the ability to use the network. It’s uncensorable with data on the blockchain never being able to be changed or altered. The monetization structure also removes the middleman since the blockchain facilitates the structure and public transactions. Web3 also has strong privacy tools where identity is tied to cryptographic keys making it difficult to break.

Web3 is here to stay. Web3 does have some limitations in the areas of Scalability, User Experience, and Cost, but these problems are quickly being solved with new projects, developers, and contributors in all areas. As more and more individuals and organizations are embracing blockchain technologies, more benefits are being unlocked.

Thanks to Blockchain and Smart Contracts, decentralized apps can allow anyone to participate without monetizing personal data, and the internet and societies can become more focused on individual freedom. Web3 has opened up many possibilities to help with frictionless financial transactions (Cryptocurrency & DeFi), but there’s also DAOs that can provide governance in a public, transparent, and trustless ways. NFTs open up new ways for creators to monetize content, and create new markets for trade. And even data storage, access, and computing resources can be decentralized now. Many Web2 problems are being solved by Web3 solutions.

How to purchase cryptocurrencies?

In order to purchase cryptocurrency you’re going to need a crypto wallet. Metamask or Avalanche Wallet are the two most recommended cryptocurrency wallets you’ll need to interact with the $C12 token. The wallet is important because you store all of your cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and other web3 information in there. It can also be used for authentication and signature purposes as well.

How to setup a MetaMask Wallet
Whether you’re trying to get NFTs, lend assets, or simply buy and transfer crypto tokens, you’ll need the right wallet. The right wallet allows you to store any assets you create or buy, as well as connect to any platform built on top of the blockchain of your choice. There are many wallets to choose from, but MetaMask is one of the most popular with 21+ million users, and they have an easy interface to use for all your crypto transactions.

You’ll need to download the MetaMask wallet software onto your device (iOS, Android, Browser) by visiting the MetaMask website.
CoinDesk has a great tutorial on getting your MetaMask wallet setup. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team if you have any questions or need more help in getting the wallet set up.

How to purchase $C12 cryptocurrency

Have you ever bought any crypto currency?

If No
You can purchase C12 tokens by using a check, wire transfer, or credit card or debit card using our form here.

If Yes
You can purchase C12 tokens using other common crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, or whatever you’re comfortable with. There’s more information on purchasing with crypto on our token sale page.

How does Carbon12 promote a Parallel Economy?

Carbon12 is an opportunity to build the Kingdom and prepare the way for Christ, evangelizing and discipling with an ardency unparalleled by any previous revival. The Carbon12 initial use cases (HolARgram, Signet, our own custom wallet, and GridIron) are designed to create uninterruptible transmission and storage of the gospel. As a byproduct of the resulting commerce between $C12 holders, the network and transactions will also be uninterruptible and unimpeded. 

Carbon12 acts as a hub, with Christian platforms and endeavors branching off as spokes, creating an ecosystem that circulates capital within a parallel economy that funds Kingdom building projects, Christian businesses, and individual believers. Cryptocurrency is a flawed innovation like any other man-made construction, yet it can still be used for the glory of God.

The nature of blockchain allows for a common and global message to build without threat of censorship, while the parallel economy created through the capabilities of blockchain allows for a community to flourish without restriction or restraint from centralized human authority.

Why did you choose the name Carbon12?

The founding organization is Forum 12 which was a God given name. The number 12 is biblical. Carbon 12 is the basis of life on our planet and Carbon’s molecular bonds are some of the strongest in nature. C12 is the reference isotope from which all other elements are measured. Carbon 12 under extreme pressure becomes a diamond much like the Body of Christ is about to become. It was also a name given to the founders during prayer and from the least scientific of us all.

How is Carbon12 different from other Altcoins?

Carbon12 is designed from the ground up to support Kingdom work on a permanent basis. From funding digital projects, to removing banking fees churches pay to providing zero interest loans eventually.

It is about the question: What happens if 2.3 billion people combine their financial power into a user controlled system and a small amount on every transaction is allocated for what is essentially “automatic giving” to Kingdom purposes?

The plan to create Carbon12, its purpose, and the initial use cases (even the algorithms) were delivered in dreams, by God.

The metric for success in Carbon12 is souls saved and in that sense it is not in competition with anything or anyone except the enemy of all of us.

Can I earn money by holding Carbon12?

We have allocated 35% of the token supply, 271 Million of our tokens, to be distributed by way of staking. This allows you to put your $C12 to work and earn. The expected staking pools for $C12 are expected to be in the 5%-20% APY range.

How does using $C12 benefit the Kingdom?

The revolutionary use cases for Carbon12 will establish a new method of decentralized transactions for believers on a global scale, while harnessing the collective financial power of 2.38 billion Christians, with the ultimate goal of bringing one billion more believers into the Kingdom.

The wallet and tithing mechanism provide believers with the ability to contribute directly to the growth of the Kingdom and the fortification of God’s church.

Worldwide proclamation of the Gospel is the goal of Carbon12, and the desire of Christ. With decentralized blockchain technology, this goal is entirely possible. Carbon12 and its use cases will allow believers to take back globalization and innovation for the Kingdom.

The ability for believers and churches to transact with one another across the globe in a single, incorruptible currency will simultaneously unite God’s existing people, and funnel new funding and new believers into His Church. Carbon12 is an opportunity to build the Kingdom and prepare the way for Christ, evangelizing and discipling with an ardency unparalleled by any previous revival.

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