Meet The Founders of Carbon12

The Billion Soul Mission

Forum12 is a family of dedicated Christ-followers based in Spokane, Washington. In March of 2019, Jesus swept through our entire family in an extraordinary way. He performed miracles in and for each of us, radically redeeming our stories as He prepared us for His calling on our lives and work. When you have seen Him move with such power and grace, there is only one response: FIRE. We are on fire for Jesus and have committed our lives to share His testimony, the Gospel. The Holy Spirit baptized us with the vision for Forum12, a multi-generational plan to prepare the way for Jesus by coming alongside Him in His pursuit of His Bride. We believe that the Lord is stirring up a Third Great Awakening that will bring a billion new souls into His Kingdom. Forum12 is our way of partnering with God as He brings revival, reform, and restoration to His Church and the world. We are an apostolic mission that utilizes advancements in technology to expand the reach of the Gospel to all nations and peoples while positioning the Church on the cutting edge of innovation.

Shortly after the Lord restored our family and changed our hearts, the entire world shut down for COVID-19. We began meeting regularly as a family, having church at home, and spending time in fellowship with each other and Jesus. The Holy Spirit began impressing on us that He rescued us for a purpose — that we were supposed to do something with the freedom and salvation that we had received. We felt called to unite as a family and use our individual gifting to accomplish a missional goal.

As we watched the world continue to spiral into panic, fear, and division, we understood the pressing need to develop systems and platforms that protect believers from the onslaught of culture and worldliness and allow for the global, uninterruptible transmission of the Gospel. We prayed for God’s vision and His purpose for our family, and over the next few months, He brought us into a place of constant worship and communion with Him.

He started with Carrie, laying heavy on her heart the ideas of creativity, design, and craftsmanship combined with fellowship, community, and the excellence of God’s people. He woke her in the night with dreams and visions, inspiring her imagination and bringing her into a place of partnership with the ultimate Creator. Next, He lit Luke’s mind up with ideas for revolutionary technology, sending him blueprints and plans for ground-breaking innovations that would place the Church on the front lines of a digital renaissance. He gave Brandon visions for an alternative banking system for believers and instilled in Jen the spirit of community, partnership, and co-working with God.

He continued to speak to us, planting more ideas in our minds and revealing to us that this calling would require the best of each of our gifting, the first fruits of all our endeavors, and that He had designed each of us with this purpose in mind. He called us to a new level of unity as a family, and we know that He is doing the same for the worldwide Church. It is time to come together as the Body of Christ in a new way, moving in tandem with one another in obedience to the Spirit as we enter into our Bridal identity.

Jennifer Richey | Carbon12

Jennifer Richey

I am a first generation Christian, having been raised in a worldly home without a faith (though with lots of love). My father was a very functional alcoholic, and I always felt that he chose alcohol over family, leading me to believe that I was not worthy of being chosen or pursued.

Carrie Millsap | Carbon12

Carrie Millsap

I have loved the Lord for as long as I can remember. Some of my earliest memories of faith involve a Nazarene pastor who was anointed to share the Gospel and truth. Every Sunday he would do an altar call and every Sunday I would go up to the altar in repentance, even as a little girl.

Brandon Millsap | Carbon12

Brandon Millsap

I have been a believer for my entire life, but it took me fifty years to understand what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. Because I was raised in the church, I treated my knowledge of God and my relationship with Him as fixed. I allowed my faith to become stagnant because I took for granted the miracle-working God I served.

Luke Richey | Carbon12

Luke Richey

I was an enemy of God for 40 years. I grew up in a turbulent and violent home, experiencing every form of abuse from early childhood to adolescence. I was filled with anger and hate, and my teenage years were defined by violence and crime, from hacking and forgery to selling drugs. I identified as an outlaw and rebel in every sense, and worshiped the things of the world.