Signet Whitepaper

Wallet SSO Storage and Encryption Protocol for Faith-Based Platforms


The exploitation of user data has been the subject of heated discourse since applications like Google, Facebook, and Instagram became part of everyday life. These platforms attracted users who in turn created massive amounts of data. However, a fundamental question arose: who owns all this data? The infamous Cambridge Analytics incident where the information of up to 87 million public Facebook profiles was harvested without user consent – leading users to question the ethical consequences of massive corporations knowing and exploiting intimate personal details.

The incident revealed the true relationship between users and Big Tech – users are the product rather than the customer (Vitalik Buterin). Users who wish to quit Facebook must forfeit their data, and without a way to export that data out of the application that is accessible to other platforms, ownership is tied to the platform. Web 2.0 gave users the ability to create, but centralized platforms prevent them from owning their creations. If the incentive of the platform is to maximize shareholder profits, it begs the question: are the platform’s incentives aligned with the best interest of the user?

Ultimately, the problem of maligned incentives is a symptom of centralization. Technological superpowers are not created overnight, they are built from the ground up like any business. This means that their initial focus is developing a user base – requiring positive user experience and cooperation with other developers and creators. However, after the platform accumulates a substantial user base, it inevitably plateaus, requiring new methods of generating profit. These platforms shift their focus from user experience to user exploitation, and from collaboration with other developers to competition (Chris Dixon, 2018).

As Web3 brings about paradigm shifts that seek to restore the user to a position of ownership over their data, Forum12 has developed a protocol that will allow users to selectively import their data into platforms and complete blockchain transactions on connected networks using only one login. Similar to Google SSO, Signet will allow users to conveniently login to any platform with the click of a button – except there is no forced data extrapolation or exploitation of sensitive information because the user holds the keys to their data.
Signet aims to establish an alternative ecosystem of believers and faith-based businesses that protects Christians from the exploitative practices of Big Tech while creating a community of like-minded individuals. We believe that by providing the opportunity for users to regain autonomy over their digital assets and lives we are helping pave the way for a more innovative, collaborative, and democratized iteration of the internet that benefits both developers and individual users.

Who We Are

Forum12 is a family of dedicated Christ followers based in Spokane, Washington. In March of 2019, Jesus swept through our entire family in an extraordinary way. He performed miracles in and for each of us, radically redeeming our stories as He prepared us for His calling on our lives and work. When you have seen Him move with such power and grace, there is only one response – fire. We are on fire for Jesus and have committed our lives to sharing His testimony, the Gospel. The Holy Spirit baptized us with the vision for Forum12, a multi-generational plan to prepare the way for Jesus by coming alongside Him in His pursuit of His Bride. We believe that the Lord is stirring up a third Great Awakening that will bring a billion new souls into His Kingdom. Forum12 is our way of partnering with God as He brings revival, reform, and restoration to His Church and the world. We are an apostolic mission that utilizes advancements in technology to expand the reach of the Gospel to all nations and peoples while positioning the Church on the cutting edge of innovation.
Shortly after the Lord restored our family and changed our hearts, the entire world shut down for COVID-19. We began meeting regularly as a family, having church at home and spending time in fellowship with each other and Jesus. The Holy Spirit began impressing on us that He rescued us for a purpose – that we were supposed to do something with the freedom and salvation that we had received. We felt called to unite as a family and use our individual giftings to accomplish a missional goal.

As we watched the world continue to spiral into panic, fear, and division, we understood the pressing need to develop independent systems and platforms that protect believers from the onslaught of culture and worldliness, and allow for the global, uninterruptible transmission of the Gospel. We prayed for God’s vision and His purpose for our family, and over the next few months He brought us into a place of constant worship and communion with Him where He delivered the vision for Forum12 and its many facets – including Carbon12, HolARgram, GridIron, and now Signet.


Signet acts as a wallet that stores tokens and user data, with a Single-Sign-On interface. Signet stores encrypted data securely and immutably on Arweave, while ensuring that data is still readily accessible to its owner (and only its owner). Beyond this, Signet is underpinned with a transaction system that allows users to complete anonymous blockchain transactions that cannot be traced back to any specific wallet address. In this way, Signet acts as a one-stop-shop interface that mechanizes storing and importing data and other assets on-chain, so that user experience remains seamless while being secure. All the user has to do is create a Signet profile, and select which Signet-supportive platforms they are interested in joining.

The Plan

The world has witnessed Big Tech’s expansion into all corners of the globe while hailing itself as a public good, claiming their mission is to create global connections and community. Hindsight reveals that monopolies like Facebook’s have actually yielded the exact opposite effect – sowing division and resentment while promulgating misinformation and propaganda. Centralized content aggregators (social media platforms) have shaped cultural trends, determined consumer behavior, and influenced critical events through censorship, psychological manipulation, and deceptive news curation. These platforms have failed us by earning our trust, thereby gaining access to our thoughts and feelings only to funnel us into a perpetual echo chamber where we are further manipulated and deceived. We have reached the logical extent of these centralized social media platforms and their unethical practices, necessitating an evolution; one that will empower users rather than exploiting them and focus on collaboration with developers rather than competition.
In 2019 alone, Facebook generated roughly 70 billion USD in ad revenue – profit that would not exist without users and their data – yet the user sees no returns for his/her loyalty to Big Tech platforms. It is time that users started viewing and protecting their data like the asset it is, rather than freely giving it away to corrupt corporations. Signet seeks to restore platforms to exactly what they should be – services for the user. By facilitating a power shift and empowering users to take back control over their data, Signet mandates that platforms return to the old way of profit based on user satisfaction and developer collaboration.

Arweave Backend

Signet uses an Arweave “blockchain” based backend to store and retrieve data. Arweave peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol technology financially incentivises nodes across the network to share their unused storage space to store user files. The network encourages creating and storing duplicates of files across multiple nodes, so that users may access files quickly regardless of internet connectivity. Each file is given a unique “digital fingerprint”, protecting it from being tampered with or altered.

“The core technology that powers the Arweave is the blockweave. Just as a blockchain is a linked collection of blocks containing transactions, a blockweave — specifically designed for the Arweave protocol — is a set of blocks that contain data, linking to multiple previous blocks from the network. This data structure allows the network to enforce that miners provide a ‘Proof of Access’ (PoA) to old data in order to add new blocks. Unlike in a traditional blockchain, where miners are forced to expend electricity in order to earn tokens, in the Arweave network miners are also encouraged to replicate valuable data (the information stored in the network) in order to gain tokens. This mechanism offsets the value that is normally wasted in blockchain networks, with useful, energy efficient storage of data” (

Signet’s use of Arweave allows for secure file storage and expedient data retrieval with or
without internet connectivity, protecting user data from exploitation by Big Tech or alteration by bad actors and centralized authority, while ensuring a convenient and efficient experience for the users themselves.


Forum12 plans to pursue partnerships with faith-based platforms by providing free APIs for Signet integration. Initially, Forum12 will hand select platforms and dApps that are dedicated to building the Kingdom of God and advocate for user autonomy. Eventually, Signet will be DAO controlled and integrations will be selected by the community.
By partnering with faith-based platforms, Signet aims to create an alternate iteration of the internet that fosters unity and fellowship among believers and Churches across the globe. Once users create a Signet profile, they will have access to a directory of platforms, dApps, and services that support the Signet integration. Users can select which platforms they want to join and what level of KYC they are comfortable with for each individual platform – users can be completely anonymous if desired and all new data generated on the platform will be encrypted and stored in their Signet “wallet.” Platforms will be featured in the directory based on the satisfaction of their user base and relevance to the Christian demographic. In this way, Signet provides developers with the potential for a wide user base almost immediately if their project benefits believers and the Kingdom of God, while users still remain autonomous and in control of their data.
Signet partnerships establish an independent ecosystem for believers that scales globally – so that Christians can congregate and build an international community in a secure environment of diverse platforms, with each user experience designed for their specific demographic.

User Interface

On the user side of the Signet protocol, this advancement in methodology does not manifest in the form of user inconvenience. The only difference a user would notice between the interface of Signet and Google SSO is the inclusion of a transaction system and the ability to be anonymous if desired. Users will interface with Signet by creating a profile that will allow them to use a Single-Sign-On login when joining a new Signet supportive platform. Signet will obfuscate the user when logging in by blending data, so that believers and their data are protected in an alternate faith-based ecosystem.
Signet can store data that users upload directly to their Signet profile, and can pull data uploaded to Signet-supportive platforms to store securely and immutably on Arweave. Meaning, when setting up a profile on a Signet partner platform, users can pull encrypted data from their Signet wallets (stored profile pictures, demographic data, bio information, and tokens or crypto assets) conveniently and seamlessly. On the other hand, new posts or information uploaded to platforms can be encrypted and stored in the Signet wallet for security purposes or future use.
Additionally, the Signet wallet holds crypto assets and transaction details for users, so they may transact on any Signet-supportive platform once logging in with their Signet profile, with no extra steps necessary.

Blockchain Transactions

Signet is unique in its ability to store digital assets as well as data, including cryptocurrency, NFTs, and transaction details. By creating a convenient system that allows users to transact within the Signet ecosystem through one single login, Signet aims to establish a parallel economy of believers that exists and operates independently of the traditional financial system.

Signet is underpinned with Carbon12, a faith-based cryptocurrency developed by Forum12 for the purpose of building God’s Kingdom.

By logging into platforms with Signet, believers have their funds readily available for in-app purchases from Christian businesses, commerce with one another, tithing, and investment in the Kingdom. Signet effectively creates a parallel economy of believers and Christian businesses, providing the opportunity for Christian funds to circulate in an ecosystem that directly contributes to advancing the Gospel. By establishing an alternate system that operates in the same currency and where each part is working toward the good of the whole, Signet facilitates unprecedented unity and growth for the global Church.
Beyond this, Signet incorporates revolutionary technology that protects believers and their finances. Signet utilizes a data blending methodology much like Tornado cash that allows users to transact completely anonymously, without any risk of being connected to a specific wallet address. The elimination of only opt in KYC allows the worldwide Church to operate in a truly independent financial system, so that Christians can transact regardless of what is going on in the world.

Kingdom Impact

While money itself is not necessary for sharing the Gospel, there can be no argument that money is an effective tool for building the Kingdom. By giving believers the opportunity to conveniently transact in cryptocurrency through their Signet profile, Signet effectively brings a massive economic engine (the global Church) into the world of Web3 and streamlines Church efforts like never before. Signet extends the reach of Christian funds by securely storing and protecting digital assets and mechanizing the circulation of capital within the Church ecosystem (similar to how shopping locally boosts local economies, transacting in Carbon12 on Signet-supportive platforms will boost the Kingdom economy).By directing funds toward Christian businesses and the Church, Signet opens doors for the Church to then bless the world through missions and service projects, inevitably bringing new believers into the Kingdom of God.
Beyond the financial impact, Signet offers believers the chance to connect with brothers and sisters in a diverse faith-based community. The directory of Signet partnerships establishes a network of Gospel-oriented platforms and users that can come together in fellowship and unity, preparing believers to move as the collective Body of Christ and work in tandem with one another to share the message of Jesus.


Cryptocurrency Release Timeline


Signet creates the opportunity for Christians to build communities like never before, connecting them with a wide range of faith-based platforms and their users. Beyond this, Signet facilitates a seamless transition for believers into the world of Web3 by allowing them to complete blockchain transactions and securely store their digital assets by simply creating a login. In that same vein, Signet advances Web3 and its fundamental principles of decentralization and democratization by restoring the user to a position of ownership over their data and facilitating a power shift from Big Tech to developers and individual users. Signet mechanizes secure data storage and encryption without compromising user experience, encouraging widespread adoption of Web3 practices and ushering in the next iteration of the internet.

About Forum12
Forum12 is an anonymous apostolic mission that utilizes advancements in technology to expand the reach of the Gospel to all nations and peoples while positioning the Church on the forefront of innovation. 

About Carbon12
Carbon12 is an innovative and decentralized platform that allows the global faith-based community to utilize blockchain technology in new ways. Carbon12 is a cryptocurrency token designed for Christians to transact with one another, tithe to their churches, and build the Kingdom of God. Operating in a native currency will unite the worldwide Church like never before, as we circulate Christian funds in an economy that operates independently of the traditional financial system.