Top 9 Use Cases for Carbon12

The One Billion Soul Mission


The founders of Carbon12 are developing three primary initial use cases for Carbon12 — HolARgram, GridIron, and a shopping cart API. The MVP for HolARgram will launch in tandem with the launch of Carbon12, providing an immediate ecosystem for $C12 and its community. The shopping cart API will follow shortly after, allowing users to purchase goods and services from Christian ecommerce sites as easily as they make purchases with Paypal or credit cards. Lastly, GridIron will allow users to purchase computing resources from one another using Carbon12, to provide an onramp for believers into the coming metaverse.

Tithing: Carbon12 creates the opportunity for believers to tithe to churches in one common currency that directly benefits the Kingdom. Due to our loss coverage protection program for approved churches and the lack of processing fees, tithes in Carbon12 are essentially risk and fee free for churches. Additionally, Carbon12 gives each donation a global reach, as churches can use tithes to fund church plants, international missions, and service projects without worrying about currency exchange or varying governmental financial regulations.

Commerce: Carbon12 provides believers with the ability to transact with one another on a global scale despite what is happening around the world, and each transaction has a tangible Kingdom impact. Funds are circulated within the Christian community, building up the Body of Christ so that we can more effectively minister to the world.

Partnerships: Carbon12 is partnering with other Web3 projects and Christian businesses to create a parallel economy of believers. We firmly believe in collaboration rather than competition, and are dedicated to gathering the whole Body of Christ together for the coming age.

Holargram Logo | Carbon12

3D Recording Mechanism: HolARgram gives the every-day user the ability to record and display in 3D augmented reality, as easily as they take a video and post it to social media. Users can create content that currently costs tens of thousands of dollars for free with the push of a button.

Tithing: HolARgram includes a tithing feature that allows users to tithe directly to their churches (with a HolARgram profile) using Carbon12. Tithing on HolARgram will be convenient and secure for believers, and risk and fee free for churches.

User Owns Their Data: HolARgram features an NFT content curation system that allows creators to mint posts as NFTs, that users can “like” using Carbon12. In this way, HolARgram facilitates an ad free environment in which creators profit off of their content and users have a tangible voice in curation, as creators will cater posts toward their user base rather than sponsorships from corporations.

Gridiron Logo | Carbon12

Metaverse Capabilities: The coming metaverse means that digital content will be everywhere, in the form of both augmented and virtual reality. However, small devices (like smartphones, or coming smartglasses) lack the computing capability that would allow users to interact with the metaverse. GridIron facilitates the purchase and sale of computing resources with Carbon12 among a network of users, meaning that each device has access to almost limitless computing power and cache memory. Using the GridIron network, users will be able to seamlessly interact with the metaverse using everyday devices.

Uninterruptible Transmission: GridIron creates a network of users that exists independently of the internet, meaning that users can transact in Carbon12 and transmit data with or without internet connectivity.

Users Own Their Data: Users decide when and if to participate in the network, and which computing resources they are willing to share. Beyond this, the user sees the profits for resources shared on the network, restoring them to a position of autonomy and true ownership over their data.