Why Avax?

Powered by Avalanche

Carbon12 is excited to announce that we will be launching using the Avalanche blockchain. The innovative infrastructure and DeFi-focused nature of AVAX provide many advantages that our team is excited to utilize as we develop the vision for Carbon12 and its use cases:

Speed: Avalanche currently has the fastest smart contracts in the blockchain industry, with the ability to process 4500 transactions per second (a massive jump from both Bitcoin and Ethereum, which can process 7 transactions/second and 15 transactions/second respectively). Additionally, Avalanche has a finality clock of less than 3 seconds, compared to an hour finality with Bitcoin and 10 minute finality with Ethereum. The ability to transact quickly and seamlessly is crucial to the Carbon12 vision, as our goal is to establish a new common currency for believers that exists outside of the traditional financial system.

Scalability: Avalanche provides users with the ability to develop subnets, offering revolutionary scalability to the blockchain world. Each subnet acts as its own network within the Avalanche ecosystem and can contain multiple blockchains with different consensus mechanisms. Additionally, each blockchain can have its own virtual machine and is interoperable with the EVM — creating almost limitless opportunities for dApp development on Avalanche. Additionally, each blockchain on the subnet can have its own set of rules and guidelines and can be either private or public. Carbon12 aims to connect believers across the globe and harness the collective force of the worldwide Church by partnering with other believers in the Web3 and DeFi space. By creating a subnet on Avalanche, we can effectively develop a space where believers from around the world can bring their projects together to serve a greater purpose.

Security: Avalanche utilizes an innovative consensus model that allows it to perform well in adverse conditions and makes it resistant to attack. The general Avalanche consensus model is similar to proof of stake, with the added feature of subsampled voting. Essentially, a large group of people volunteer to participate in the Avalanche network and are randomly asked to verify and validate transactions. Once a transaction is initially validated, nodes begin to “gossip” with one another and exchange information until a transaction is either officially accepted or rejected. This mechanism ensures that consensus will be reached within the desired timeframe, and protects the network from 51% attacks. The Avalanche infrastructure would require that 80% of the network is owned in order for an attack to take place, making it one of the most secure blockchains in the industry.

The ability to transact quickly and securely is crucial for the development of a new reserve currency for Christians, while the scalability of the Avalanche subnets creates the perfect opportunity for Carbon12 to develop its use cases in an independent yet interoperable ecosystem