Cryptocurrency for Social Impact

A cryptocurrency to fortify, unite, and expand the reach of Web3 projects having a positive social impact & adding value to all people.
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What is Carbon12?

What Is The Problem?
Many centralized entities control and manipulate people through their time, money, who they connect with online (social networks), how they get information (search engines), and how information is transmitted (networks).

Control is in governments, big tech and media companies, and not on individual people. That’s a big problem that someone else is dictating your life.

How Does Carbon12 Help?
At Carbon12, we provide the Cryptocurrency, $C12, as a cryptocurrency to make money, but also as a social impact token that can be used to support individual freedom and privacy, and organizations having a positive impact on the world.

$C12 brings the ownership of everything you interact with on a daily basis back into your control – from buying and holding (and staking), and you’ll be able to fight inflation and have a long-term asset that can be used no matter what’s happening in the world today.

What is Carbon12?
Carbon12 brings together individuals and projects that desire to increase their financial freedom and independence while also having a positive social impact through proven projects around the world.

In the coming parallel economy, it will be of the utmost importance to control your own assets and be able to engage in commerce with people and organizations without disruption.

The Carbon12 ecosystem provides an ability to transact in a common currency, make money long-term as a valuable asset and through staking rewards, and also use-cases as a form of authentication in a new Augmented Reality (AR) decentralized social network called HolARgram. Ultimately, the ecosystem and Carbon12 community is building partnerships ensuring that all free people can own their own assets, make money from them, transact with one another regardless of what is happening in the world, and support social causes around the world with a proven mechanism of maximum impact.

Carbon12 contributes to the following

  • Funding Benevolence Issues (Feeding the hungry, providing parent support, etc.)

  • Missionary & Relief Work

  • Service / Relief Projects

  • Social Impact Web3 and DeFi Ventures

  • Community-Building Projects

  • Social Impact Businesses and Ideas

Why Does Carbon12 Matter?

The cryptocurrency space is a parallel economy where millions of people are:

  • Making decisions about their money
  • Protecting their assets from inflation
  • Transacting internationally without interruption
  • Powering a network that empowers individuals instead of centralized powers

Carbon12 harnesses the self-sufficiency that crypto provides and empowers individual Christians and the churches where we worship by:

  • Creating the opportunity for believers to donate to churches electronically while protecting the churches from processing fees on debit and credit card transactions.
  • Integrating with e-commerce sites to help Christian businesses and services expand and innovate through transactions made with Carbon12.
  • Facilitating international transactions, making it easier for churches and believers to fund missions and church plants throughout the world.



Private Sale


Bounty 0x Referral and Share Your Social Cause

Airdrop Giveaway

Impact Builders | Partners Announce Use Of $C12

Launch Genesis Grant

Pursuing Relationships With Faith-based Businesses And Churches By Offering Them Free Integration With Carbon12

Pre-Sale Earn Staking Rewards Leading Up To Launch

Seeking Twelve Faith-Based Non-Profits For Board


Signet Announcement And Whitepaper

Signet Dev Begins

$c12 Public Sale

$c12 Liquidity Pool Formed

$c12 Shopping Cart Deployed With Strategic Partners

Development Of Additional Shopping Carts

Signet Mvp Wallet Launch On Web

HG Tech Preview

3D Recording



Carbon 12 On Public Exchanges

The Twelve Churches added

Development, Development, Development


Signet V1 Wallet Mobile

Supports data
SSO API’s & Code For Partners And Dapps

Holargram Beta

Launch Holargram MVP

Includes Fee-Free Donations For Approved Nonprofits And Organizations, 3D recording, Signet Backend

Hollar Curation System

Open-sourced for third-party use

Holargram 1.0

Social Media Platform Launched

Launch Gridiron 1.0 Client

Operating within HolARgram




As Seen In

Yahoo Finance
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Religion News Service

C12 Whitepaper

Read our whitepaper to learn more about the project’s vision, economic metrics, and token utility. If at any point, you have additional questions about the Carbon12 whitepaper, please don’t hesitate to reach out to [email protected] and a representative will be in touch as soon as possible.
Read the paper


  • 777 Million tokens were minted on July 14, 2022.
  • 155,400,000 million $C12 will be sold through private and public sales.
  • 271,950,000 million $C12 are for staking rewards distributed over the following decades.
  • There are various vesting periods from one year to 5 years for the token allocations.

Token Allocation

C12 Allocation | Carbon12

Upcoming use cases for Carbon 12

Shopping Cart Plugin | Carbon12

Shopping cart plug-in for third party businesses

Allows users to pay with $C12 on any ecommerce site, as easily as you can pay with a credit card or Paypal.
Holargram | Carbon12


A blockchain-based social media network with personal 3D augmented reality recording mechanisms allowing to have a deeper connection & engagement with your relationships. HolARgram mints posts as NFTs which can be purchased by users with $C12.
Gridiron Logo | Carbon12


A peer-to-peer computing resource sharing network that utilizes $C12 for micro-transactions.
Learn more

Scenic View | Carbon12


General questions, concerns, or interest in cryptocurrency or Carbon12? We want to help. Join our community on telegram or discord to get more information on Carbon12, and meet new crypto users and crypto natives who are also passionate about doing good through social impact! Or contact us at [email protected] and we will walk you through whatever concerns or questions you may have.

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