Executive Summary

A high level synopsis of some advantages that $C12 brings to business and individuals who participate in the Carbon12 ecosystem.

Executive Summary for Churches

A high level synopsis written for churches, detailing the many ways in which Carbon12 is an effective Kingdom-building tool that will expand the reach and influence of the worldwide Church.

Read our Whitepapers

Carbon 12 Whitepaper

Allows users to pay with $C12 on any Christian ecommerce site, as easily as they can pay with a credit card or Paypal.

HolARgram Whitepaper

A faith based blockchain social media network with personal 3D augmented reality recording mechanisms. HolARgram mints posts as NFTs which can be purchased by users with $C12.

GridIron Whitepaper

A peer-to-peer computing resource sharing network that utilizes $C12 for micro-transactions.

Frequently Asked questions

What is Carbon12?

Carbon12 is a cryptocurrency token designed for Christians to transact with one another, tithe to their churches, and build the Kingdom of God. Operating in a native currency will unite the worldwide Church like never before, as we circulate Christian funds in an economy that operates independently of the traditional financial system.

What are the use cases of Carbon12?
  1. HolARgram: Carbon12 is launching in tandem with HolARgram, a social media platform that acts as a hosted wallet for $C12 and uses the token for an innovative NFT liking system.
  2. Shopping Cart Plug-ins: Carbon12 is partnering with Christian businesses to incorporate $C12 as a payment method on their e-commerce sites. This way, users can purchase products and services online with Carbon12 as easily as they make purchases with Paypal or credit cards.
  3. GridIron: Eventually, Carbon12 will be utilized by a peer-to-peer computing resource sharing network that allows users to buy and sell CPU, cache memory, sensor data, and more.
What are the token allocations for Carbon12?
Party Percentage Allocations
1) Board Kingdom Fund  20% 
2) Liquidity 10%
3) Private Sale 20%
4) Public Sale  40%
5) Initial Treasury 10%


  1. Allocations toward the Board Kingdom Fund are designated to future Kingdom building endeavors. All initiatives are controlled and approved by the Forum12 board, with the collective worldwide Church in mind. 
  2. A 10 percent token allocation will be used to bootstrap liquidity through a liquidity mining campaign.
  3. Private sale allocations will see a token price discount of 30% ($0.0311) and a lockout period of one year with a quarterly linear unlock schedule. 
  4. Public sale allocations will see a token price discount of 20% ($0.0355), with 20% of public sale tokens released at TGE and the remaining 20% released over the following 3 months on a linear schedule. 
  5. A ten percent token allocation will be used to initially fill the treasury, while private and public sale funds will be stored in the treasury and utilized for operations and development of Carbon12 and two of its primary use cases – HolARgram and GridIron
Is there a vesting schedule for Carbon12 tokens?
Tokens purchased during the private sale round will vest for one year with a quarterly linear unlocking schedule.

Half of the tokens purchased during the public sale will be available upon launch, with the other half being released 3 months after the launch of Carbon12.

Tokens that were allocated toward public or private sale that were not purchased will vest for 12 months, beginning after public exchange listings. The release schedule for the remainder tokens is as follows:

Q1 2023: 50% of allocated tokens
Q2 2023: 25% of allocated tokens
Q3 2023: 15% of allocated tokens
Q4 2023: 10% of allocated tokens

What is the total maximum supply?

Carbon12 will have a hard cap of 777,000,000 tokens, with an initial token value of $0.0444. 

How can I buy C12?

Currently, Carbon12 is in its private sale round. If you are interested in participating in the private sale, click here.

Carbon12 will be pursuing listing on exchanges in Q1 of 2023. Trader Joe

When will this project go live?

Carbon12 public launch is projected to take place in Q4 of 2022.

Which blockchain will the Carbon12 token utilize?

Initially, Carbon12 will operate on the Avalanche blockchain, though we eventually hope to move to our own chain. 

Is there a preferred wallet in which I can store my C12?

Initially, Carbon12 will operate on Avalanche, meaning that an Avalanche wallet will be necessary to purchase and store Carbon12.

Is Carbon12 classified as a security?

Carbon12 is classified as a utility token, as it will be utilized within the HolARgram and GridIron  ecosystems.

How did Carbon12 get its name?

Through prayer first we asked for inspiration and our most unscientific founder Carrie came up with it. We then researched it: Carbon-12 is a stable element, which means it never undergoes decay, like the Gospel and the Church it stands the test of time. Carbon is also life-giving and life-sustaining. Most living things are carbon based. Its electron shell configuration allows it to be the foundational piece of many molecules that hold things together. It is also the unit of measure by which all other elements are measured

Is Carbon12 a “one world currency”?

NO! Carbon12 is a preemptive response to the potential development of a one world currency. It is a method of transaction that will ensure that Christians can always participate in commerce no matter what is going on in the world.

What makes Carbon12 different from other cryptocurrencies?

Carbon12 is designed specifically for commerce among Christians. The hard cap of 777 million tokens allows Carbon12 to be a currency that is used in everyday transactions, while also protecting against dilution. Additionally, Carbon12 has multiple use cases already in development, and will launch in tandem with HolARgram, a social media platform that acts as an ecosystem for Carbon12. The utility of Carbon12 and our commitment to building the Kingdom of Jesus sets us apart from any other crypto in the market.

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